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Nice to meet you! (。・ω・。)ノ

Anime: Free!
Character: Momotarou Mikoshiba
Outfit: School Uniform
Location: Dortmund Aug ‘14 - Germany
Photographer: Saru

Hikari Yagami - School uniform <3 Photo by Jozu

Hikari Yagami - School uniform <3 
Photo by Jozu

Game: Persona 4Character: Chie SatonakaOutfit: Winter UniformConvention: Dojaku Sep &#8216;14 - GermanyPhotographer: SaruEdit: myselfFacebook • WorldCosplay
First Chie pic! &lt;3

Game: Persona 4
Character: Chie Satonaka
Outfit: Winter Uniform
Convention: Dojaku Sep ‘14 - Germany
Photographer: Saru
Edit: myself

First Chie pic! <3

Finished my Itsuki Cosplay today! <3

Hello guys! <3
I have a Facebook page now. :3

Aika Test! *^* A really like myself in this costume. &lt;3

Aika Test! *^*
A really like myself in this costume. <3

Anime: Free!
Character: Momotarou Mikoshiba
Outfit: Shopping
Convention: Animagic ‘14 - Germany
Photographer: Jozu

Some AnimagiC Convention pictures! <3
I had so much fun!

Fake Love

Anime: Nisekoi
Characters: Raku, Chitoge & Kosaki
Outfit: Winter Uniform
Convention: CosDay ‘14 - Germany
Photographer: Diverse
Edit: myself

In the name of the Northwind, I will punish you!

Anime: Sailor Moon x Pokemon
Characters: Suicune & Entei
Outfit: Sailor Senshi
Convention:AnimagiC ‘14 - Germany
Photographer: Mogelbaum

Children’s Day

Anime: Hetalia
Character: Liechtenstein
Outfit: Children’s Day
Location: Palmgarten/Frankfurt Aug ‘14 - Germany
Photographer: Jozu

I borrowed this beautiful cosplay from a good friend! ;^; <3


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Hibari Kyouya [TYL]

Photos by

mizumi-kahago → du bist ein wirklich guter cosplayer *-* und hast auch schon voll viele cosplays, war bestimmt teuer o-o aber du siehst echt in jedem richtig gut aus! :3

Vielen  Dank! ;A;
Ja, leider… Ich will nicht wissen, wie viel Geld in meinem Hobby verloren gegangen ist. xD”
Danke q///q


Briar Rose Cosplay - Set 1

Hello my darlings!
I can finally show you some photos of my new Briar Rose Cosplay! <3 I’m mostly happy with how it turned out and I like the pictures!
My prince wasn’t feeling well at AnimagiC so he didn’t wear his cosplay for long. :( But we’ll find another time! <3

Photography: VW // Editing: Rayi (me)
CosplayerRayi (me)

First picture of my Sailor Suicune Cosplay! &gt;A&lt;

First picture of my Sailor Suicune Cosplay! >A<